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Photos: Beekeeping workshop at Blue Moon Acres in Hopewell
The Star-Ledger
HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP – Blue Moon Acres held a beekeeping workshop last Saturday. Ken Walters of YellowBee Honey held the workshop at the Hopewell farm on April 12. Participants were able to sample YellowBee products, learn about beekeeping and ...

The secret life of Rust Belt beekeepers
Deep in the defunct industrial zones and backyards of Buffalo, N.Y., there's a buzz developing – quite literally, in the form of secret beehives. Across the city, a small network of under-the-radar beekeepers has formed. They keep hives in backyards ...

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Honey Bee Ware encouraging beginning beekeepers
Wayne Gerdts has returned to the hive. A Nebraska native and third-generation beekeeper who grew up on a commercial apiary and launched his own career as a migratory beekeeper, Gerdts took several career detours. His heart was never far from ...
In Celebration of BeesEcology Global Network
CCD: Curse or Crisis?
Bayer Bee Care Center OpeningAgWired
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Urban beekeeping in Ljubljana
In some European countries, urban beekeeping is already very developed. In Slovenia, however, it is a relatively new trend. There have always been people here and there who kept a few beehive boxes in the garden of their house in the city, mostly from ...

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Beekeeping and the Neighbors
New York Times
The Essex County Beekeepers Society, for example, offers a three-day course. Tim Schuler, the state apiarist with the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, suggests that you build a fence around the hive so young children don't mistakenly wander too close.

Wausau committee approves urban beekeeping ordinance
(WSAU) -- Wausau's public health and safety committee has approved a new ordinance that would allow for beekeeping in the city limits. The move comes after the Bridge Community Health Clinic's community garden program investigated keeping bees.

Beekeeping in Dallas yields more than just tasty results
Charlotte Observer
And careful beekeepers who maintain their hives properly rarely suffer a sting, said Burton Beasley, 28, vice president of the Gaston County Beekeepers Association. “Unless you're disturbing their hive, they could care less about you,” Beasley said ...

Town Hall

Perils of Commercial Beekeeping
Town Hall
One of America's earliest food crops – almonds – is also one of the most important for commercial beekeepers. Almonds depend on bees for pollination, but the explosive growth of this bumper crop taxes the very honeybees the industry needs to thrive.
Bee season: Beekeepers of the Bitterroot preparing for arrival of new coloniesRavalli Republic
Families invited to learn about The Honey and the Hive: The Sweet Story of ...New Jersey Hills

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April 12 in Woodbury:
Voices News
Guest speaker Chris Harp, an organic beekeeper, will speak at 9:15 a.m. on the topic of Why Natural Beekeeping Matters. Mr. Harp will speak again at 10:50 a.m. on the topic of Helping Honeybees and Beekeepers. Question-and-answer sessions will follow ...

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Conway students learn the importance of beekeeping
Roper, her sister Jackie and her mom Angie were among a crowd at Collins Park Tuesday learning about the importance of bees from the Blackwater Beekeepers Association. The group held an informational session as part of the Horry County 4-H program ...

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