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Prison Teaches Beekeeping, Environmentalism To Inmates And It's All The Buzz
Huffington Post
Insects are helping Washington inmates make a big impact on the planet and their future. Cedar Creek Corrections Center, in Littlerock, uses beekeeping to teach prisoners about environmental practices and help them develop skills, that can be applied ...

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More photos: Jersey City teachers get lesson in urban beekeeping
Sixteen teachers from 12 schools in Jersey City heard about the importance of urban beekeeping as the insects continue to face mounting environmental challenges. The event took place on the roof of the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City, which has been ...


Jen at Work: Beekeeping in NYC
NEW YORK - Beekeeping has only been legal in New York City since 2010. And it's all the buzz at some of the city's top hotels and restaurants in all five boroughs. Believe it or not there are a lot of rooftop hives just like this one all over the city ...
A spate of bee-rustling cases is causing a buzz on British honey farmsDaily Mail
Spate of bee rustling leaves keepers with sense of betrayalThe Times (subscription)

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Small honey harvesters see sweet benefit in new beekeeping law
Dallas Morning News
AUSTIN — The trip to the farmers market is getting a little sweeter for Texas' small-time beekeepers. A new state law will lift some onerous — and potentially costly — requirements that have stung small-scale honey producers for years. And the end ...

Martinsburg Journal

Beekeeping facility dedicated to veteran
Martinsburg Journal
HEDGESVILLE-It was a bittersweet occasion at Geezer Ridge Farm on Saturday as United States Air Force veteran Major Byron "Mark" Cato was honored with the dedication of the farm's apiary in his memory during his final weeks of life. Earlier this year ...

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Beekeeping all the buzz in the Chattahoochee Valley
The Chattahoochee Valley Beekeepers Association will provide an introduction to the world of beekeeping on Saturday, Sept. 19th from 1 pm to 4 pm. The cost is $25. To register, call 706-507-8550. Or visit their website at: ColumbusState.edu/Oxbow ...

The Desert Sun

Backyard beekeeping comes to Palm Desert City Council
The Desert Sun
“In recent years, cities throughout the Western United States have started considering backyard beekeeping ordinances due to a mysterious bee population reduction and the corresponding pollination challenges,” Bagato says in his report to the City Council.

The Desert Sun

Palm Desert to form panel to study urban beekeeping
The Desert Sun
Palm Desert will be forming an ad hoc committee of residents, City Council members and staff to explore the possibility of allowing bee apiaries in low density residential neighborhoods. “I think it is in our best interest to talk about this further ...


City Officials Buzzing Over Urban Beekeeping Proposal
A proposal to allow hobbyist beekeepers in Los Angeles to maintain hives in their backyards won the support of the City Council's Planning and Land Use Committee. The panel approved a draft ordinance setting up rules for urban beekeeping, but under ...
Proposal Allows Hobbyist Beekeepers in Los Angeles To Maintain Hives in BackyardWestside Today

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Beekeepers association in formative stages
The Star Democrat
Embrey has taught beekeeping at the UME Wye Research and Education Center for many years. According to Embrey, apart from sharing knowledge and providing a network of resources, other benefits of a beekeepers association include: sharing ...

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