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New beekeeping classes scheduled for Little Rock, Magnolia, Monticello
Stuttgart Daily Leader
The Complete Beekeeping Short Course will be taught in three locations: Little Rock, Magnolia and Monticello. Each course will meet one evening a week for three consecutive weeks, and will be led by Jon Zawislak, extension apiculturist for the ...

Ashland Daily Press

Beekeeping meeting set for Saturday
Ashland Daily Press
Local residents who are interested in learning more about backyard beekeeping will have a chance to do so Saturday when the northern district of the Wisconsin Honey Producers Association meet for its semi-annual meeting at Salem Baptist Church in ...

Jefferson Post

Ashe County entrepreneur brings beekeeping into the 21st Century with Hive Tracks.
Jefferson Post
James Wilkes, owner of Faith Mountain Farm and the chairman of Appalachian State University's Computer Science department, is the co-creator of Hive Tracks, an online tool to help beekeepers make better decisions about the way they manage their hives.

These University Students Are Swapping Booze for Beekeeping and Vegetables
Munchies_ Food by VICE
a student-led sustainability initiative that sees patches of the campus given over to beekeeping, chickens, and vegetable-growing in a bid to create a so-called “edible campus”—a trend gaining traction with student unions around the UK. More than 20 ...

Idaho State Journal

A busy beekeeping business
Idaho State Journal
The money beekeepers make off a hive rental often exceeds their retail business. It's the bread and butter of the operation. For instance, the California almond farmer will offer $140 to $190 per hive during a four to six week bloom season. This is a ...
From flower to jarState-Journal.com

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Nation News

Bee Wise: Beekeeping is an ancient practice that has fostered a respectful ...
KRWG News22
Today, beekeeping is happening at all levels of production from small backyard hives to large operations with thousands of hives — all generating a multitude of flavors, textures and colors of honey that are the result of seasonal nectars gathered by ...
Beekeeper creates a buzzNation News
The buzz at O'Brien's: Local farm now cultivating beesCBC.ca

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Learn beekeeping basics on Oct. 17
Quad City Times
The Quad-Cities Food Hub offers participants the opportunity to learn the basics of beekeeping with local beekeeper, Phil Crandall, from 3-5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 17, at the food hub in downtown Davenport. Crandall is a member of the Iowa Honey Producers ...

MetroNews Canada

Winnipeg committee endorses urban beekeeping study
MetroNews Canada
The city's Property and Development committee endorsed a plan Tuesday to study allowing bee-keeping throughout the city, including downtown and industrial lands. Back in May the Fort Garry Hotel asked the city's Downtown Development committee for ...

Realty Today

More Urban Homeowners Now into Beekeeping to Sustain World's Environmental Balance
Realty Today
A third generation beekeeper, Zan Asha, advises that anybody who is interested in beekeeping should refer to many books, attend beekeeping classes, or watch videos covering everything they need to know, from bee behavior to harvesting of the honey.


Drought Is Driving Beekeepers And Their Hives From California
The drought in California over the past four years has hit the agriculture industry hard, especially one of the smallest farm creatures: honeybees. A lack of crops for bees to pollinate has California's beekeeping industry on edge. Gene Brandi is one ...

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