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  probably the most versatile beehive in the world!

The Quadratic Hive

probably the most versatile beehive in the world
For many years, I have had in mind the idea of a "universal hive", which could be used as a stand-alone beehive as well as having a multiplicity of other uses in the apiary. After many experiments, I came up with what I call the Quadratic HIve, which, having tested it for two full seasons, seems to be living up to my expectations and is offered here to beekeepers for further testing and experimentation.
Some potential applications for the Quadratic Hive include:

  • Beginners' hive: grow your hive along with your confidence
  • Conservation hive: similar capacity and shape to a hollow tree
  • Queen mating nuc: a single box is ample for this purpose
  • Swarm baiting hive: attractive to scouts and easy to position
  • Compact garden hive: ideal for small spaces
  • Universal nucleus hive: easy transfer into any other hive
  • Queen rearing: easy raising of queens with minimal fuss

Watch the videos. Get the ebook. Have fun.

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