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How can I make my business more Bee-Friendly?

Because there are many types of business, every case is different, but there are some simple principles you can use to help make your business Bee-Friendly:

  • First, do nothing to harm bees. Ensure that your business does not buy, sell or use any chemicals that are known to be harmful to bees or other insects (see the resources list).

  • Do some things that positively help bees. Plant Bee-Friendly flowers and trees wherever you can - around car parks, in pots on balconies - and if possible, create some safe places for wild bees to nest.

  • Encourage your staff and customers to be Bee-Friendly. They will probably have some ideas to contribute! You could distribute information - such as a link to this site - letting people know how to be more Bee-Friendly.

We may be able to supply a speaker to give a talk to staff or managers about the importance of bees and some of the things we can learn from them.

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